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Meine ersten Geschichten von Jesus - Georgie Adams
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Erscheinungsjahr: 1999

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Real Fairy Storybook - Georgie Adams
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Die besten Jahre unseres Lebens (DVD)
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Die Hoffnung erhält jeden GI aufrecht - der Traum vom Tag der Heimkehr. Für drei Veteranen des 2. Weltkriegs ist dieser Tag gekommen, aber für jeden scheint er zum Alptraum zu werden: Captain Fred Derry kehrt in eine zerrüttete Ehe zurück; Sergeant Al Stephenson ist ein Fremder für seine Kinder, die ohne ihn aufwachsen mussten; und der junge Matrose Homer Parrish muss mit dem Verlust beider Hände fertig werden. Finden die drei Männer den Mut, sich ihre Welt neu aufzubauen? Oder sind die besten Jahre ihres Lebens schon Vergangenheit? Dank seiner brillianten Besetzung - mit Stars wie Myrna Loy und Virginia Mayo - gewann dieser Nachkriegsklassiker sieben Oscars®, u. a. den für den Besten Film. Herzzereißend, anrührend und voll emotionalen Sprengstoffs, ist William Wylers Meisterwerk einer der besten Kriegsheimkehrer-Filme, die je gedreht wurden.Darsteller:Al Bridge, Alyn Lockwood, Amelita Ward, Ben Erway, Bert Conway, Billy Engle, Blake Edwards, Caleb Peterson, Carol Andrews, Catherine Wyler, Cathy ODonnell, Charles Halton, Chef Milani, Claire Du Brey, Clancy Cooper, Dana Andrews, Dean White, Dick Gordon, Don Beddoe, Donald Kerr, Doreen McCann, Doris June Fesetta, Dorothy Adams, Earle Hodgins, Edward Earle, Ernesto Morelli, Erskine Sanford, Fredric March, Gene Krupa, Georgie Nokes, Gladys George, Hal K. Dawson, Harold Miller, Harold Russell, Harry Cheshire, Harry Gillette, Heinie Conklin, Hoagy Carmichael, Howland Chamberlain, Jack Rice, Jackie Jackson, James Ames, James Conaty, Jan Wylie, Joe Palma, John Ince, John Tyrrell, Joyce Compton, Judy Wyler, Kenner G. Kemp, Leo Penn, Louise Franklin, Mady Correll, Marek Windheim, Marlene Aames, Mary Arden, Michael Hall, Michael Mauree, Mickey Roth, Minna Gombell, Myrna Loy, Noreen Sayles, Norman Phillips Jr., Pat Flaherty, Peggy McIntyre, Ralph Sanford, Ray Collins, Ray Hyke, Ray Teal, Robert Karnes, Roman Bohnen, Roy Darmour, Ruth Sanderson, Stephen Soldi, Steve Cochran, Stuart Holmes, Susan Mann, Suzanne Ridgeway, Teddy Infuhr, Teresa Wright, Tom Dugan, Victor Cutler, Virginia Mayo, Walter Baldwin, William Newell

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Lee Dorsey - The EP Collection...Plus (CD)
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(See For Miles Records)) 26 tracks Stateside & Columbia - It was in June 1967 that the ´Atlantic Soul Review´ hit Amsterdam to play a concert at its renowned concert hall, the Concertgebouw. The star studded pack-age featured some of the finest talent from the Atlantic and Stax labels such as Sam and Dave, Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas, Arthur Conley and Booker T and the MG´s. Wilson Pickett had been announced as the headliner of the show, but he appeared to be indisposed and was replaced by Lee Dorsey at the last minute. I had recently been installed as the label manager for the Stateside label at Bovema, the Dutch company that represented EMI Records. Lee´s recordings on the American Amy label were released on the Stateside label in Holland. I was duly consigned to perform the usual hospitality ritual bestowed on visiting international artists that the record company represented. In the case of Lee Dorsey, this proved to be a delightful job. Lee was a happy and easy going character with an infectious grin and chuckle. I spent one of my better nights out, introducing Lee to the various delights that Amsterdam had to offer during the late 1960´s, and I can assure you that he was great and appreciative company. The next evening he proved to be a consummate showman and hard worker as the only non-Atlantic/Stax artist in the ´Atlantic Soul Review´. Lee stole the show and won the hearts of the Dutch soul fans with his segment in the show, culminating in his suggestive and humorous rendition of ´Ride Your Pony´, which caused a near riot in the usually sedate Concertgebouw. Irving Lee Dorsey was born in New Orleans on December 4, 1926 and moved to Portland, Oregon at the age of 10. During the late 1940´s and early 1950´s Lee was a successful lightweight boxer, operating under the nickname ´Kid Chocolate´. He survived a four year stint in the Navy after which he resumed his boxing career. Lee hung up his boxing gloves during the mid 1950´s when he returned to New Orleans. Circa 195658 he met Allen Toussaint, either at a party or in a studio to which he had taken a page of verse in the hope of making a record out of it. At that time the younger Toussaint, born in New Orleans in 1938, had already passed through the R&B group leader and touring accompanist stages to begin his climb through the ranks of local session musicians. During the late 1950´s Lee made his first recordings for Joe Banashak´s Instant label. One of these singles was ´Lottie Mo´, which became a regional hit on which he was backed by Allen Toussaint, who also arranged the track. Marshall Sehorn, who was Southern promotion man, talent scout and sometime producer for Bobby Robinson´s New York based Fury label, heard ´Lottie Mo´ on the radio during one of his visits to New Orleans in 1960. Marshall was duly impressed by the record and Lee subsequently signed to the Fury label. ´Ya Ya´, Lee´s first Fury single, exploded and went to No. I R&B and No.7 Pop on the Billboard charts in September 1961. Petula Clark covered the song as ´Ya Ya Twist´ for consumption on the European market, and reached the UK Top 20 with it. Fury followed ´Ya Ya´ up with ´Do-Re-Mi´ in December 1961 and again Lee scored a considerable hit, peaking at No.27 Pop and 22 R&B on the Billboard chart. ´Do-Re-Mi´ was regularly performed by Georgie Fame and Dusty Springfield. Lee recorded another 3 singles for Fury, but the hits had dried up. A subsequent Fury album contained 15 tracks, Lee´s total recorded output for the label, recorded in New Orleans in 1961 and 1962. Allen Toussaint who wrote, arranged and produced hits for Joe Banashak at this time, also freelanced and almost certainly arranged and co-produced with Marshall Sehorn all of Lee´s Fury sides. Toussaint did not play piano on ´Ya Ya´ according to Kurt Mohr´s Lee Dorsey discography. The backing on ´Ya Ya´ was provided by: Marcel Richardson, piano; Melvin Lastie, trumpet; Harold Battiste, tenor sax; Red Tyler, baritone sax; Justin Adams, guitar; Chuck Badie, bass and John Boudreaux, drums. The back-up on ´Do-Re-Mi´ consisted of: unknown horns, Allen Toussaint, piano; Roy Montrell, guitar; Richard Payne, bass; and John Boudreaux on drums. The Fury label collapsed in 1963 and Allen Toussaint was drafted into the army at the same time Lee returned to his car repair business while his recording career temporarily stalled. During the next few years Lee, still managed and produced by Marshall Sehorn, had a single released on the Smash label and

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