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Music Sales It´s Easy To Play The Seventies - E...
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DescriptionAn outstanding collection of Seventies hits for piano/vocal with chord symbols. Among the numbers included are ´Bridge Over Troubled Water´, ´Bright Eyes´ and ´Sailing´.SonglistAnnie´s SongAt SeventeenBridge Over Troubled WaterBright EyesEvergreenGoodbye Yellow Brick RoadKilling Of Georgie (Part 1+2)Miss You NightsPiano ManSailing [Downs, Colin]Thank You For The MusicTo All The Girls I´ve Loved BeforeWe Don´t Talk AnymoreYear Of The Cat

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Girl With Dove: A Life Built By Books , Hörbuch...
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This audiobook includes an exclusive interview between the author, Sally Bayley, and a mentee of Sally’s, Georgie Newson, who first met when they read Jane Eyre together. They talk about the stories that have been woven into the book, the reflective nature of literature, the influence of Jane Eyre on their lives and much more. Sally grew up in a dilapidated house by the sea where men were forbidden, her childhood world filled with mystery and intrigue. Hippies trailed through the kitchen looking for God - their leader was Aunt Di, who ruled the house with charismatic force. When Sally’s baby brother vanished from his pram, she became suspicious of the activities going on around her. What happened to Baby David and the woman called Poor Sue? And where did all the people singing and wailing prayers in the front room suddenly go? Disappearing into a world of books and reading, Sally adopts the tried and tested methods of Miss Marple. Taking books for hints and clues, she turns herself into a reading detective. Her discovery of Jane Eyre marks the beginning of a vivid journey through Victorian literature, where she also finds the kind, eccentric figure of Charles Dickens’ Betsey Trotwood. These characters soon become her heroines, acting as a part of an alternative family, offering humour and guidance during many difficult moments in Sally’s life. Combining the voices of literary characters with those of her real-life counterparts, Girl with Dove reads as a magical series of strange encounters, climaxing with a comic performance of Shakespeare in the children’s home where Sally is eventually sent. Weaving literary classics with a young girl’s coming of age story, this is a book that testifies to the transformative power of reading and the literary imagination. Mixing fairy tale, literary classics, nursery rhymes and folklore, it is the story of a child’s adventure in wonderland and search for truth in an ... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sally Bayley. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Das Beste aus dem Musikladen - Folge 2
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TRACKLISTING: ´The Shorts - Comment Ca Va´ * ´Billy Ocean - L.O.D. (Love On Delivery)´ * ´Showaddywaddy - Three Steps To Heaven´ * ´Pussycat - Georgie´ * ´Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me´ * ´Eruption - I Can´t Stand The Rain´ * ´The Jacksons - Blame It In The Boogie´ * ´Pointer Sisters - Angry Eyes´ * ´Gibson Brothers - Que Sera Mi Vida´ * ´Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots´ * ´Village People - In The Navy´ * ´Patrick Hernandez And Herve Tholance - Back To Boogie´ * ´Arabesque - Take Me Don´t Break Me´ * ´The Specials A Message To You Rudy - Lady Marmalade / Get You Somebody New´ * ´Madness - One Step Beyond´ * ´Jona Lewie - You´ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties´ * ´Joe Dolce - Shaddap You Face´ * ´Suzi Quatro - Glad All Over´ * ´A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)´ * ´Sky - Toccata´ * ´Billy Swan - I Can Help´ * ´Telly Savalas - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend´ * ´David Christie - Saddle Up´ * ´F.R. David - Words´ * ´Talk Talk - Such A Shame´ * ´Duran Duran - The Wild Boys´

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