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Georgia and Armenia Travel Reference Map Two of the most interesting countries to emerge from the collapse of the dreaded Soviet Union were Georgia and Armenia. Both are still fragile economies tied closely to modern-day Russia, but are both very proud independent countries. Georgia occupies one side of the map sheet, with a detailed inset map of Tbilisi, the capital. The country shares a long border with Russia and borders on Turkey to the south. Batum (Batu) is the main port, with ferry services across the Black Sea to Trabzon, Istanbul, and Novorossijsk. For visitors, the main attraction must be the country’s many picturesque churches, but fortresses would enjoy second place. We have tried to mark roads by quality as well as importance. The other side of the map sheet concentrates on Armenia and its capital of Yerevan This country is the location of Mount Aragat, an extinct volcano that is the highest point of land in Transcaucasia. Armenia is an ancient Christian country and its monasteries are well-worth visiting. The one in Geghard dates from 1215 and is a World Heritage site. Lake Sevan is the largest body of water in the Caucasus region. The country borders Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan and small parts of those countries show on the map. Map size 69 cm x 99 cm 1:430.000 ISBN 9781771298483

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