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Masked Ball at Broxley Manor: A Royal Spyness N...
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A delectable prequel to the national best-selling Royal Spyness mysteries featuring Lady Georgiana Rannoch - 34th in line to the throne, and England’s poorest heiress. At the end of her first unsuccessful season out in society, Lady Georgiana has all but given up on attracting a suitable man - until she receives an invitation to a masked Halloween ball at Broxley Manor. Georgie is uncertain why she was invited, until she learns that the royal family intends to marry her off to a foreign prince, one reputed to be mad. When the prince, dressed as the devil, rescues her from an embarrassing situation at the ball, Georgie is surprised to find her unwanted suitor to be a dashing, charming man - especially when he pulls her aside and gives her the kiss of a lifetime. But as the time comes for the unmasking, Georgie’s rescuer vanishes and the party is thrown into chaos, making it clear that everything at Broxley Manor is not as it appears… 1. Language: English. Narrator: Katherine Kellgren. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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SCAFFOLD - Sold Out (LP)
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(Warner bros.) 12 tracks - Original 1975 ´Warner Bros.´ LP album Scaffold are a lovesome thing, God wot sort of a liner-note is this going to be? I thought they had gone out of style. (They had, but theyce back, along with ration-books grinning and bearing it cheer up it could be worse. ´Oh´.) So, Scaffold recorded this album in Stockport mostly, a bloody nice town Stockport. It´s no Liverpool, but it´s A-OK. The band ioCC have studios there, Strawberry Studios, on a hill, near the station and nearer a pub. Mr. McCartney produced brother McGear´s album McGear of the same name there for wondrous Warner Bros. and Neil Sedaka records there, likewise 10CC. Good old Stockport. Thy ´eart beats strong and thou hart more than ´atmakers. Lol Cream of ioCC plays gysmo on this album, which is one way of introducing you to some of the performers. Arise Roger McGough, John Gorman and Mike McGear from the blazing success of your single Liverpool Lou, and be acknowledged as fine album makers. Roger is a poet, a major poet and you know that. Is John Gorman the masked poet? He has to be unseen to be disbelieved and even then ... Christ! Michael McGear is a poet and singer. I recently squired him around America and it was a pleasure. They are a happy lot and they have had their ups and downs but for ten years they have pleased, probably millions, certainly hundreds of thousands of very choosy people with a curious, inimitable pot of scouse. They have had a lot of hits, made quite a lot of money, blew most of it on a Generous Arts Venture, but they survived and blended into Grimms another odd, but brilliant combination of music, words and fun from whence for this album they culled wry Andy Roberts (electric and acoustic guitar). Andy has played in bands (like Liverpool Scene, Grimms and Plainsong), alone, and on good sessions. Step forward, with a grin, zany Zoot Money, you from Georgie Fame so long ago, and Big Roll Band and much other music besides, on electric piano. His WC Fields is good as anyone else´s, too. Zoot Money toured America with Eric Burdon. He is an asset. Another good plus is mad lead guitarist Oli Housal of Patto fame and presently with Kevin Ayers´ band, much admired by musicians, much loved by Scaffold. Dave Richards, on bass is an old Grimms pal, was with Andy in Plainsong (on the subject of which it might be said, pity Plainsong didn´t score ... they wuz good lads). From Family, dear Family, Scaffold drew Rob Townsend, an excellent drummer and a charming man, great husband and father. (Pity Leceister aren´t having a good season). If your ears discern percussion on the track ´Potato Clock´, as well they might, (recorded at IBC Studios eng. by Mike Claydon) you will hear Frank Ricotti, and on a flying visit to Strawberry Studios, Helen Cox (who is married to Martyn Cox, a splendid Warner´s promotion man working the middle of England) said, ´Ah Ahs´ on the Okey Cokey. Once upon a time she sang ´Wild Thing´ did it well and it did well. Brian Jones plays a mean saxophone ... Gerry Conway, superb on drums, works oft times and well with Cat Stevens. So to Meggo ... John Megginson, who produced the album with Mike McGear. Meggo is a special case. He looks as if he couldn´t put his foot through a wet Echo (regional joke) but he is a clever young man of some modesty. He plays lovely piano on the album and did a lot of worrying with Mike to get things right. He was famous from Renshaw Street to Goodison as a member of Casper´s Engine, and he has a most awful voice. On Liverpool Lou, a nice top ten surprise in 1974, you will hear Denny Laine, Linda McCartney and Jimmy McCullough of whom it has been said. Thanks to them and salaams to Paul for producing that track. In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen and little children, it gives me great pleasure ... this album. Scaffold give me great pleasure. Ain´t nobody like them ... Give them a big hand, but first put it in your pocket. This is good value for fifty bob. Can´t get a decent Chinese meal for two for dat dese days.´End´. Liner notes by Derek Taylor.

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