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Black Sheep, White Lamb , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, ...
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After a robbery goes wrong, a teenager finds he has a knack for murder in Grand Master of crime fiction Dorothy Salisbury Davis´ riveting psychological thriller that illuminates the dark corners of a killer´s mind. The hamlet of Hillside has one factory, three churches, and more bored teenagers than it knows what to do with. Georgie Rocco is more lost than any of his classmates, and decides one night to take control. When an attempted robbery at the factory turns into murder, Georgie discovers an empowering new talent for exploiting other people´s vulnerabilities, including those of his lovely sister, Jo. The longer he is able to deflect suspicion, the stronger Georgie´s confidence grows, and he soon becomes comfortable in his new identity as a hardened criminal. And no one - not his sister, their priest, or the detective investigating the factory manager´s murder - is safe from a teenager careening down a path to the electric chair. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Adam Connor. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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CD Die 50 schönsten englischen Kinderlieder (3 ...
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Animiert zum Mitsingen: Ein fröhlicher Mix aus traditionellen englischen Kinderliedern, die spielerisch die erste Fremdsprache vermitteln. Auch Erwachsene finden Spaß an Five little Ducks, Incy Wincy Spider oder dem Alphabet Song. Titel: CD 1: ´´Old Mac Donald Had a Farm”; ´´Five Little Speckled Frogs”, ´´Miss Polly Had a Dolly”, ´´The Wheels on the Bus”, ´´Down by the Station”, ´´Sing a Song of Sixpence”, ´´London Bridge is Falling Down”, ´´I Like the Flower”, ´´Little Miss Muffet”, ´´Are You Sleeping”, ´´The Muffin Man”, ´´Incy Wincy Spider”, ´´It´s Raining, It´s Pouring”, ´´Here We Go round the Mulberry Bush”, ´´Baa Baa Black Sheep”, ´´Humpty Dumpty”, ´´Georgie Porie”. CD 2: ´´Five Little Ducks”, ´´Animal Fair”, ´´Hickory Dickory Dock”, ´´One, Two, Three, Four, Five”, ´´The Musik Man”, ´´Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear”, ´´If You´re Happy and You Know It”, ´´The Grand Old Duke of York”, ´´I´m a Little Teapot”, ´´Rain, Rain, Go Away”, ´´Peter Hammers with One Hammer”, ´´Ring a Ring o´Roses”, ´´Happy Birthday”, ´´She´ll Be Comin´ ´round the Mountains”, ´´Mary Had a Little Lamp”, ´´The Alphabet Song”, ´´Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. CD 3: ´´Polly, Putt e Kettle on”, ´´Looby Loo”, ´´One Elephant”, ´´There´s a Hole in My Bucket”, ´´I Hear Thunder”, ´´The Animals Went in Two by Two”, ´´My Bonnie”, ´´The Big Ship Sails on the Ally-Ally-Oh”, ´´Girls and Boys Come Out to Play”, ´´Jack and Jill”, ´´Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, ´´The Bear Went over the Mountain”, ´´Rudolp, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, ´´Jingle Bells”, ´´Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, ´´Little Bo Peep”.

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