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*Georgie´s Wallet, Midnight Blue / Camel - O My Bag*This blue-colored wallet fits all of your necessary cards, coins and cash. With it’s perfect size and sturdy (but elegant) look, this wallet is a must-have for both guys and gals!* Seven card slots* One zipper pocket on the back* One pocket for banknotes* Color: Eco Midnight Blue / Eco Camel* Size: L9 x W1,5 x H10 cmMaterial:* Eco Leather - A common question regarding the leather of O My Bag is, how it is possible that they can get a hold of cowhides in India, as it’s common knowledge that cows are sacred animals over there. The hides that are used for the bags are of cows that died of age, illness or for the Muslim community.Production:*Early October 2015 O My Bag won the Sustainable Leather Awards, an award that is given out to an initiative or idea in the Dutch leather sector with a positive (indirect) effect on people, animals and the environment in developing countries.*Compared to what most people think, eco-leather does not only concern the chemicals used to make the leather, but also the environment and working conditions.*The bio synthetics used to tan the eco-leather result in a semi-finished leather that looks white-tinted. That is also why the organic tanning method is also called ´´wet white tanning”. The off-cuts of this wet white tanned leather can be recycled or used as fertilizer, in contrast to wet blue tanning methods (chrome-hides).*The tanning process of eco-leather is comprised of a combination of synthetic tanning agents and natural vegetable extracts. In the making of the O My Bag leathers, they avoid the use of harmful chemicals like chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, short chain chlorinated paraffins, volatile organic compounds, alkyl phenol ethoxylates and so on. The leather is tested regularly by SGS, an independent inspection agency, to check the chemicals (not) used.*Research has shown that a significant part of the environmental impact of leather is in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is not only the chemicals used in the tanning process that should determine how eco-friendly the leather is. To combat this, O My Bag also takes care of the following areas of leather manufacturing that have a significant potential impact:* Management of restricted substances;* Energy consumption;* Air emissions;* Waste management;* Environmental management systems;* Water consumption;* Control of manufacturing processes;* Effluent treatment;* Chrome management;* Traceability of material.* Last but definitely not least, is the way the workers are treated when defining eco. At O My Bags (the Sheong Shi) tannery they are reminded constantly that all of them together (the management, the workers and the maintenance people) are like spokes in a wheel. They are like an extended family! They all need each other and must work together for the benefit of all. Every single person is important. The Sheong Shi Tannery provides their workers with health insurance, pension funds, support in their rent and education.* In the factory, protective equipment (such as boots/gloves) is provided. There are emergency exits in the factory and the placing of the machines is organized so that there is no need to walk around through the factory in the case of an emergency. Light and ventilation is also taken care of.* In addition, the factory has also taken responsibility of some of the workers’ children’s education. The goal of the Sheong Shi Tannery is to provide education to at least one child of each worker (preferably daughters because they have less chances for education and work).Wash and care:* Treat your O My Bag with water protectant every 2-4 weeks. We recommend weather-proofing spray, which is quick & easy maintenance. Be zealous during rainy season! Try to avoid heavy downpours because leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof.* Clean & condition every 8-12 weeks, using high-quality leather conditioner (follow instructions on product label). Think of conditioning like moisturizer for your leather – it will dry out over time, and conditioner will maintain the moisture. Also, avoid leaving your bag in direct sunlight, which may change the colour of your O My Bag.Tips:* Be aware that deep or dark colored clothing can easily transfer dye to light- coloured O My Bags. Use caution and especially avoid carrying your O My Bag when wearing new clothes* When not in use, store your bag in its original dustbag away from moisture & variations of heat or

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