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Spylovebuy Sneaker Georgie Schwarz In Damengrößen erhältlich. 36. Jetzt Georgie von Spylovebuy auf versandkostenfrei bestellen!

Stand: Oct 29, 2018
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Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters In...
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When a secretive American cult moves to the Gold Coast, freelance journalist Scout Davis´s investigative antennae start quivering. She sets out to expose the cult´s lunatic beliefs and bizarre practices, but when she learns the identity of a recent recruit, her quest becomes personal. And dangerous. But Scout has her secrets too. In the dead of night she sneaks out with an underground group of yarn bombers to decorate the locality with artworks. The next mission ticks all the right boxes - it´s risky, difficult, and extremely silly. However, Scout has a sneaking suspicion that the local police sergeant, Rafe Kelly, is hot on her tail. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Georgie Parker. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Aug 13, 2018
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